Welcome to North West Summer Camp

At North West Summer Camp you will meet some of the best coaches and players from the top league in Sweden. We have also been very fortune to have well-qualified coaches from the U.S., Lithuania, to name a couple. Our great staff and crew will make sure you have activities in between practices in addition to getting enough food and sleep.


You practice 2-3 times a day with other players who are also at your basketball-skill level. At the morning practice, you will have the opportunity to develop different basketball skills such as: inside moves, guard moves, forward moves, and shooting skills. The second practice is all about basketball as a team sport. The third practice will be where you get the chance to try your new skills in basketball tournament-style. We also have the pleasure to have a couple of Sweden’s youth National teams at the camp whom you will get to see play one of the evenings.

For further inquiries please contact us via email

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